Join me for a 2 hour workshop expertly crafted to help create a beautifully balanced body. This is the key to discover how to transform your posture, sculpt long lean muscles and create the graceful elegance of a dancer through fierce strength training. Using a combination of Classical Ballet principles with High Intensity Interval Training to unlock your body's potential and create long lasting changes.

Ballet HIIT

The 12 minute Elegant Fitness Program. A minimalist approach to achieve a beautifully balanced body. Easy-to-grasp, Ballet-inspired exercises that are designed to burn calories, sculpt long, lean muscles and transform your posture. Anytime, anywhere, anyone.

Only equipment needed: Yoga mat, timer and 12 minutes

Structure: There are always 4 exercises. Each one is performed for 50 seconds and 10 seconds to change to the next. This is a total of 1 minute per exercise. Once you've completed the 4th exercise, rotate back to the 1st exercise and start again. Perform a total of 3 rounds, which will take you to 12 minutes. 

Workout Videos