Healthy Habit #53: Be Resilient


Time Magazine recently published a Special Edition on Happiness. You'll be glad to know that having Healthy Habits means we are on the right track. The key to happiness, they found, exists in finding smaller, everyday moments of happiness rather than big life occasions and lavish spoils. They also discovered that bouncing back from hardship is essential to feelings of fulfilment. But rather than resilience being a 'personality trait', it is described as a set of skills. People who practice resilience are not only able to get through hard times, but even thrive off them. 

Our Stress Default.

We may not be running into predators like we used to, but it will surprise you how often we are activating the same neural pathways of fear, worry and stress. Constant thoughts about these bills, that argument, the future, mean that the more we use this neuronal superhighway, the more it becomes our default. In other words getting stressed means we will easily become more stressed. 

Letting Go.

The ability to jump from emotions of stress, to happiness, to calm is linked to how resilient we are. Tests done on Navy Seals revealed their brains were able to cope with extreme situations by switching between emotions quickly, allowing them to make life-saving decisions under huge pressure.


Very few highly resilient individuals are strong in and by themselves. We all need support. A tight knit community and strong relationships have allowed humans to triumph over the toughest of circumstances. 

Face your fears. Be uncomfortable. Practise Resilience.
Let these be the new habits to add alongside your daily green juice.

Healthy Habit #52: Know your "Fitness Age"

I get pretty excited about quizzes, and when I found this one from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, I discovered something quite intriguing. After answering a few questions based on your lifestyle (or what I like to call healthy habits) they calculate how old you are in terms of health, compared to your actual age. It takes two seconds and you can do a more comprehensive test if you like. Best thing about it? If you aren't happy with the result, you can change it! Their research showed some patients were able to cut their fitness age in half with just a few simple habit changes. And if you are happy with your result, well it gives you a little pat on the back, a push to keep working hard on your healthy habits and something to brag about to someone who's actually your fitness age! Check it out here:


Healthy Habit #51: Your Stomach Does Not Have Teeth

Take it from a 109 year old. CHEW. YOUR. FOOD. I came across the most adorable and funny video (see below) which is an insight into what it actually takes to live past 100. The sweet old couple have been married for 80 years. 80 YEARS. I'm on three months right now, so that's just around the corner for me. There are so many wisdoms and truths but the best one for me was: "Your stomach does not have teeth". I mean, the dude has a point and ever since then, I've been taking my time during meals to chew my food properly, savour the tastes and textures and not just shove it down in a rush like I usually would. I'm feeling awesome so I'll be keeping my tummy in prime condition for my 80th wedding anniversary. Enjoy the video and remember to chew your food healthy people!


Healthy Habit #50: Switch off your Senses.

In a world of information overload, we cope with a pile of stimuli, absorbed from all our sensory receptors. Ever stopped to realise how much we actually experience each moment? What we see, what we hear, feel, smell, touch, and perceive, all the while trying to balance, move, avoid danger, communicate and not appear weird or awkward? Its ALOT. The problem with over-stimulation is that it can interrupt restful sleep and lead to disorders, anxiety and even depression. Even if you don't struggle with falling asleep, too much stimulation can inhibit full restoration of the brain and body through the night. Skip the wide-awake-bedtime-and-waking-up-tired thing and follow a short, soothing sequence to ship you right off to dreamland and wake up ready for literally, whatever.

Total Time 4 mins

1 min Short Sun Salutations (Suyra Namaska)
1 min Bridge rises
1 min Back release, Right & Left (hold each position for 20 sec)
1 min (or more) Relaxation (Shavasana)
Watch it Here:

Healthy Habit #49: What to use on Summer Skin.

We are seeing some pretty extreme weather around the world. This weekend in Portland, US - known for its rainy weather, we experienced just under 40 degree heat, in June! Weather patterns are changing, the sun is harsher than ever and we need to protect our skins. Now, not only does store bought chemical-filled sunscreen disrupt hormones, cause allergic reactions and skin rashes but when washed off of our skins, it is harmful to Marine life and Coral. In addition, recent research has revealed that more than 40% of the 1400+ sunscreens tested by the Environmental Working Group were listed as potentially contributing to skin cancer. For example, a Vitamin A derivative, retinyl palmitate, often found in sunscreens was shown to speed up the growth of cancerous cells by 21%. Scary. 

What's the solution? Well, the other alternative to chemicals that effectively prevents sun over-exposure is mineral-based creams. This is where we can matters into our own hands and create our own using, for example, zinc-oxide. There are also more natural alternatives on the market. This is definitely a safer option, but can still carry risks. So cover up, be careful not to get more than right amount of vitamin D everyday (about 20 mins) and eat natural wholefoods that will protect you from the inside out.

For a Natural sunscreen recipe, stay tuned for next weeks Healthy Habit. I will be revealing my new Natural Beauty e-book 2.0 Summer Edition for all my subscribers!

For more on sunscreen research see this:


Healthy Habit #48: Fast.

We all consume too much and waste too much and do it thoughtlessly. Its been a topic of conversation for me this week, fasting is becoming more and more popular for a number of excellent reasons. From a centuries old ritualistic practice to a modern city-dwellers way to lose extra pounds healthily. Fasting is something I do weekly and something I recommend to my clients. It builds a keen awareness of what we eat, how we eat and when. It rebuilds and regenerates our insides, not only the digestive system but healthy muscle tissue as well. It reminds us to share a common awareness and appreciation for just having food on our plates. Plus it rebalances our bodies metabolism, shedding off extra weight and unveiling your natural body. Build this healthy habit into your week, you wont regret it. Just like everything, there's a good way and bad way to fast. Click on the link to read more.


Healthy Habit #47: Nourish Your Eyes.

I'm sure I speak for us all when I say that all this screen staring has my eyes tired, sore and blurring. Modern Life doesn't exactly get us away from these screens, but there couldn't be a better reason to protect your eyes and make sure they are healthier for longer. When I briefly worked for the RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People) it was quite enlightening to learn how daily habits can help avoid many eye conditions and diseases. I'm talking dark leafy greens, orange peppers and black currants. Not just carrots. Priorities your eyes with frequent visits for check ups and reduce screen time as much as possible (and that's for hundreds of other reasons too). Keep them sparkly and see below for a Healthy Eye Habit Guide.