Healthy Habit #46: Think Yourself Tall.


Your height might not be something you can control but exactly how tall do you see yourself? A recent research publication in the British Medical Journal linked how we view ourselves has an impact on work life, social behaviour and standard of living. Most of the time we shrink, distorting how we view ourselves when comparing our lives to others. The process of 'thinking yourself tall', builds the confidence to assert your needs and desires. Open your shoulders back, lengthen your spine and allow your lungs to open. Project positivity without saying a thing. Throw your energy upward and outward and allow your centre to receive. Discover how it may change how people view you and of course, how you view yourself. You never know what good things could come to you this week because of it.

And if you're actually tall, This is pretty hilarious.


Healthy Habit #45: Eat Fries.

Ok, I know we are meant to be anti-inflammatory and all that, and I know this is going to sound like I'm losing it BUT I want to keep it real for you all and make sure you know that I practice what I preach! I mean just look at those FRIES! Ask my other half, I am a chip-monster. I eat them out and cook them myself. Granted, mainly sweet potato (they are known to have more fiber, vitamin A and calcium) but I love a crispy, hot slice of a spud.
Being happy and healthy is also about keeping it fun and never losing perspective. Eat fries, brownies, pizzas and enjoy every moment. Just don't do it everyday. Don't rush it. And definitely don't feel guilty about it, because then the moment has passed and you've missed an epic opportunity to feel alive. Well that's how I feel when I eat fries. And cupcakes and cookies. 

Curious about Sweet Potato vs White Potato? Read this:


Healthy Habit #44: Be Anti-Inflammatory.

Inflammation is meant to be the good guy. The body's immune response to heal itself after an injury, to repair damaged tissue and defend itself against evil viruses and bacteria. Chronic inflammation, however, is different to a little short term redness/swelling and is facing a record percentage of western populations. It is long-term and can most often be traced back to lifestyle, to our choices and our habits. Excess weight, poor diet, lack of exercise, too much sugar, stress, smoking, pollution, poor oral health and excessive alcohol consumption can all lead to chronic inflammation. And when we have Chronic inflammation in the body, we are at a high risk of Heart Disease, Diabetes, Lung diseases, Bone diseases, Depression, Behavioral Disorders and Cancer. A list of diseases that today, are just too common. 

But it's not all doom and gloom. We can still make our choices. We can still have healthy habits. We decide how to nourish our bodies, and how to keep mobile. So let's start by looking at which foods are excellent at reduce chronic inflammation and get stuck into enjoying them as often as possible.


Healthy Habit #44: Brush your hair? Brush your Skin.

Looking for another way to help your body detoxify? The key is to stimulate your lymphatic system. This is the system that helps removes toxins from the body. Dry skin brushing also renews the skin and helps fight cellulite. It removes the outer layers to kick start the regeneration process that rebuilds healthy skin cells. Oh hello, fresh looking skin! It's also a way to spend a few minutes to turn your attention towards yourself and enjoy a little self care at the end of a long, tiring day.

Look at this for a how to on Dry Skin Brushing:


Healthy Habit #43: Stay Fresh.

Hey Everybody! Sorry I have been so quiet the past few weeks. I just casually went and got married. In Hawaii. On the beach. It was perfect. I'll stop now. But there's one thing about getting married that struck me. It was one of those moments when life makes a huge transition. And we rarely sit on it and enjoy it, life takes us on a new stream and we swing back into the hustle. So I'm really trying to take my time to enjoy every moment this change brings, it really feels like I'm starting fresh. I'm a wife now and I've never been one before. New Years Day is a smaller version of this, Monday even smaller, but still, an opportunity to start fresh. Your body works in cycles too. It renews and regenerates in the background, without you even being aware. Which is why it's so important to fuel your body in the right way so that these processes happen optimally. Have a little look at the chart below, I found it really interesting. Not only to learn how quickly my body starts fresh, but as a reminder that my approach to each and everyday can be with an original perspective and wide-eyed optimism.

Healthy Habit #42: Cry.

Studies show that people who cry often are mentally stronger than those who don't. Contrary to what society says, crying is not a weakness. It demonstrates a person has courage, is not afraid to face judgement and helps one come to terms with the root of the problem. Biologically, research shows that crying reduces stress and releases toxic substances from the body. Isn't that a beautifully healthy thing? So shed those tears to address your pain and put your heart and head at ease.

I never needed an excuse anyway, (I'm half crying because, well, how is it April already???) but here are a few more reasons why crying is a healthy habit.


Healthy Habit #41: The Armpit Detox.

Don't get me started on the amount of nasty chemicals the $18 Billion dollar Deodorant industry place in their products. Our skin readily absorbs these chemicals which include toxic heavy metals like Lead, Mercury and Aluminium. Our bodies struggle to remove metals, so they remain in our tissue and accumulate over time. These metals are well known carcinogens and can lead to fertility problems, reproductive toxicity and brain damage. Even if you have turned to natural deodorants and lipsticks, toxins exist everywhere. In our water, food, air and clothing. So try this Armpit Detox to kick start your body's natural detoxification process and feel healthier, more energised and balanced.