Healthy Habit #57: Cheat Day vs Chocolate Errday

Cheat day.jpg

So, you've worked super hard to take the steps to eating healthier, but the real work starts when you run into social occasions or those moments of stress your brain translates into intense hunger pangs. Temptations have you reaching for the good stuff to save your sanity. Dietitians generally recommend the 80/20 rule of eating 80% healthily and 20% not. But research shows that having it all on one day can easily rack up over 2000 calories. If you enjoy something small and delicious (around 150 calories) every single day, you're less likely to feel deprived. Plus, you'll be able to sustain the 80/20 rule without the bloating, without overloading your GI tract and more importantly, without feeling guilty.

Chocolate Errday, Thank you.