Healthy Habit #53: Be Resilient


Time Magazine recently published a Special Edition on Happiness. You'll be glad to know that having Healthy Habits means we are on the right track. The key to happiness, they found, exists in finding smaller, everyday moments of happiness rather than big life occasions and lavish spoils. They also discovered that bouncing back from hardship is essential to feelings of fulfilment. But rather than resilience being a 'personality trait', it is described as a set of skills. People who practice resilience are not only able to get through hard times, but even thrive off them. 

Our Stress Default.

We may not be running into predators like we used to, but it will surprise you how often we are activating the same neural pathways of fear, worry and stress. Constant thoughts about these bills, that argument, the future, mean that the more we use this neuronal superhighway, the more it becomes our default. In other words getting stressed means we will easily become more stressed. 

Letting Go.

The ability to jump from emotions of stress, to happiness, to calm is linked to how resilient we are. Tests done on Navy Seals revealed their brains were able to cope with extreme situations by switching between emotions quickly, allowing them to make life-saving decisions under huge pressure.


Very few highly resilient individuals are strong in and by themselves. We all need support. A tight knit community and strong relationships have allowed humans to triumph over the toughest of circumstances. 

Face your fears. Be uncomfortable. Practise Resilience.
Let these be the new habits to add alongside your daily green juice.