Healthy Habit #51: Your Stomach Does Not Have Teeth

Take it from a 109 year old. CHEW. YOUR. FOOD. I came across the most adorable and funny video (see below) which is an insight into what it actually takes to live past 100. The sweet old couple have been married for 80 years. 80 YEARS. I'm on three months right now, so that's just around the corner for me. There are so many wisdoms and truths but the best one for me was: "Your stomach does not have teeth". I mean, the dude has a point and ever since then, I've been taking my time during meals to chew my food properly, savour the tastes and textures and not just shove it down in a rush like I usually would. I'm feeling awesome so I'll be keeping my tummy in prime condition for my 80th wedding anniversary. Enjoy the video and remember to chew your food healthy people!