Healthy Habit #50: Switch off your Senses.

In a world of information overload, we cope with a pile of stimuli, absorbed from all our sensory receptors. Ever stopped to realise how much we actually experience each moment? What we see, what we hear, feel, smell, touch, and perceive, all the while trying to balance, move, avoid danger, communicate and not appear weird or awkward? Its ALOT. The problem with over-stimulation is that it can interrupt restful sleep and lead to disorders, anxiety and even depression. Even if you don't struggle with falling asleep, too much stimulation can inhibit full restoration of the brain and body through the night. Skip the wide-awake-bedtime-and-waking-up-tired thing and follow a short, soothing sequence to ship you right off to dreamland and wake up ready for literally, whatever.

Total Time 4 mins

1 min Short Sun Salutations (Suyra Namaska)
1 min Bridge rises
1 min Back release, Right & Left (hold each position for 20 sec)
1 min (or more) Relaxation (Shavasana)
Watch it Here: