Healthy Habit #49: What to use on Summer Skin.

We are seeing some pretty extreme weather around the world. This weekend in Portland, US - known for its rainy weather, we experienced just under 40 degree heat, in June! Weather patterns are changing, the sun is harsher than ever and we need to protect our skins. Now, not only does store bought chemical-filled sunscreen disrupt hormones, cause allergic reactions and skin rashes but when washed off of our skins, it is harmful to Marine life and Coral. In addition, recent research has revealed that more than 40% of the 1400+ sunscreens tested by the Environmental Working Group were listed as potentially contributing to skin cancer. For example, a Vitamin A derivative, retinyl palmitate, often found in sunscreens was shown to speed up the growth of cancerous cells by 21%. Scary. 

What's the solution? Well, the other alternative to chemicals that effectively prevents sun over-exposure is mineral-based creams. This is where we can matters into our own hands and create our own using, for example, zinc-oxide. There are also more natural alternatives on the market. This is definitely a safer option, but can still carry risks. So cover up, be careful not to get more than right amount of vitamin D everyday (about 20 mins) and eat natural wholefoods that will protect you from the inside out.

For a Natural sunscreen recipe, stay tuned for next weeks Healthy Habit. I will be revealing my new Natural Beauty e-book 2.0 Summer Edition for all my subscribers!

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