Healthy Habit #48: Fast.

We all consume too much and waste too much and do it thoughtlessly. Its been a topic of conversation for me this week, fasting is becoming more and more popular for a number of excellent reasons. From a centuries old ritualistic practice to a modern city-dwellers way to lose extra pounds healthily. Fasting is something I do weekly and something I recommend to my clients. It builds a keen awareness of what we eat, how we eat and when. It rebuilds and regenerates our insides, not only the digestive system but healthy muscle tissue as well. It reminds us to share a common awareness and appreciation for just having food on our plates. Plus it rebalances our bodies metabolism, shedding off extra weight and unveiling your natural body. Build this healthy habit into your week, you wont regret it. Just like everything, there's a good way and bad way to fast. Click on the link to read more.