Healthy Habit #45: Eat Fries.

Ok, I know we are meant to be anti-inflammatory and all that, and I know this is going to sound like I'm losing it BUT I want to keep it real for you all and make sure you know that I practice what I preach! I mean just look at those FRIES! Ask my other half, I am a chip-monster. I eat them out and cook them myself. Granted, mainly sweet potato (they are known to have more fiber, vitamin A and calcium) but I love a crispy, hot slice of a spud.
Being happy and healthy is also about keeping it fun and never losing perspective. Eat fries, brownies, pizzas and enjoy every moment. Just don't do it everyday. Don't rush it. And definitely don't feel guilty about it, because then the moment has passed and you've missed an epic opportunity to feel alive. Well that's how I feel when I eat fries. And cupcakes and cookies. 

Curious about Sweet Potato vs White Potato? Read this: