Healthy Habit #43: Stay Fresh.

Hey Everybody! Sorry I have been so quiet the past few weeks. I just casually went and got married. In Hawaii. On the beach. It was perfect. I'll stop now. But there's one thing about getting married that struck me. It was one of those moments when life makes a huge transition. And we rarely sit on it and enjoy it, life takes us on a new stream and we swing back into the hustle. So I'm really trying to take my time to enjoy every moment this change brings, it really feels like I'm starting fresh. I'm a wife now and I've never been one before. New Years Day is a smaller version of this, Monday even smaller, but still, an opportunity to start fresh. Your body works in cycles too. It renews and regenerates in the background, without you even being aware. Which is why it's so important to fuel your body in the right way so that these processes happen optimally. Have a little look at the chart below, I found it really interesting. Not only to learn how quickly my body starts fresh, but as a reminder that my approach to each and everyday can be with an original perspective and wide-eyed optimism.