Healthy Habit #40: Eat the Ayurvedic Way.

Ayurvedic translates from Sanskrit as 'life knowledge'. If you've never heard of it, it's essentially an intergrated wellness practice with andient roots in the India. It's a practice which connects the life-giving process of eating to our spiritual being. Eating with ayurvedic principles promotes healthy digestion, mindfulness and balances your particular energy system for optimal health and happiness. It's not as easy as it sounds though. All too often we rush around shoving sandwiches and overindulge in drinking and eating rich meals as we socialize. But just remember, habits are what you do most of the time, not some of the time. The Ayurvedic way teaches us to ground ourselves in a healthier way of eating that is more centred and connects us to our bodies and spirits.


Follow this cute test to learn more about which foods your system thrives on and rebalance your digestive system for good.