Healthy Habit #39: Massage Yourself 

Who do we need to love more? Ourselves. After all, we know exactly what we like so who better to do the job of tension-releasing, knot-ironing, stress-relieving massage on our tired bodies? Personally, I love a little help from my friends, tennis ball and foam roller, to hit those hard-to-reach places in my lower back and glutes. I know it may seem like a boring and indulgent task but taking time to roll out your knots can help you bounce back quicker, sleep better, imrove circulation, release aches and pain and most importantly, help you get to know how your instrument works. So get in communication with your body, take time to reward yourself after a long day at work or a tough workout. Le'ts call it Operation Self Love.


For some tricks on how to self massage for particular back, neck, knee and other issues, see this.