Healthy Habit #38: Break your habits.

Even if they're healthy. Tomatoes are healthy. Eat them for every meal and you'll build up acid in your body. Are you vegan? Soy, which is in many vegan products, can inhibit iron absorbtion, causing anaemia and also disrupt your hormones and reproductive health. Water is life. Too much of it, known as Water Intoxification, dilutes essential minerals like sodium which can cause impaired brain function and even death. Ok let's reverse. I speak about building healthy habits into your everyday life so that you feel better and get the most out of your life. But what if 'healthy' is a loose term used all to often as a marketing tool? True moderation is everything. It's the key to staying nimble and alive by never relying on too much of a good thing. Enjoy your plate in different colours. Move your body in new and inventive ways. Shift your mind and open your thinking. That way even your 'healthy habits' don't consume you.

Think you might have taken on the health food thing to hard? Read this.