Healthy Habit #37: Harmonize your Hormones.

The endocrine system is a complex system of glands that regulate metabolism, growth, tissue function, reproduction, sleep, and mood. Unfortunately, our modern lifestyle of chronic stress, sleep deprivation, exposure to toxins and convenience food options means that we are all throwing this delicate system out of whack. Hormone imbalances don't just mean we are grumpy or tired from time to time, there are long term effects which have far reaching consequences. If our hormonal glands are in overdrive, we are susceptible to fertility issues, persistent weight gain, insomnia, digestive disorders, anxiety and depression. And worse still, the body tries to correct this overdrive by eventually not listening to any signals. This is what can lead to serious diseases like Type 2 Diabetes and thyroid cancer. Because of the delicate ebb and flow that affects our body's chemistry, we have to look to our daily rituals and lifestyle habits. If we are contributing over time to an exhausted endocrine system, a vicious cycle of feeling poorly turns us towards eating more sugary snacks, screens that keep us up late and living with stress that lasts for months. Let your habits serve you, today and for the rest of your life. Bad habits die hard, but if you make a conscious effort, little by little you will start to feel on top of the world (and everything else you have going on in your life)

Here's a little infographic which shows how the things we consume on a daily basis can throw our hormones off balance.