Healthy Habit #36: Get that Sunshine Vitamin  

According to Harvard University, an estimated 1 billion people are deficient in Vitamin D. Apart from playing a vital role in reducing inflammation in our bodies, it also manages calcium and phosphate levels and promotes calcium absorption, which ensures bone health and cell growth. Why then are we so lacking? Well, we aren't spending enough time outside. Exposure to the sun stimulates Vitamin D production. We only need fifteen minutes a day, but we need around 60% of our skin to show (yeah good luck with that most of the year). Fish, mushrooms and fortified foods contain Vitamin D, but studies show that our modern processed-food diet reduces our ability to absorb Vitamin D due to poor gut health. So, if you haven't managed to escape the winter just yet (sorry to rub it in) and you're unable to get your fix from the sun, try supplementing. Remember that tablets are not as easily absorbed as sprays. I felt instantly better after using a Vitamin D spray, it works fast and effectively. Hopefully though, we can try make more time for ourselves to shower in rays than little bottles of the stuff.
To learn more about signs and symptoms that you may have a deficiency, read this.