Healthy Habit #26: Sleep Naked

Can't get no sleep? Here's why you should be sleeping naked and how it affects the hormones that help you snooze (it's not only about airing out your bits).


1. Cortisol - The Stress Hormone.

High levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, can severally disrupt your sleep patterns. This is the same hormone that contributes to anxiety, increases belly fat, lowers libido and can cause a tendency to overeat. From 10pm and 2am, cortisol should be at its lowest, however, wearing clothes increases your body's temperature, messing with your natural cooling process. At night our bodies need to cool down. This decreases the level of cortisol greatly. 

2. Oxytocin – The Bonding Hormone.

Skin on skin touch releases oxytocin – the bonding hormone. Research shows that it's the reason people who sleep naked have better relationships. But aside from having better sex and more self-confidence, oxytocin also helps reduce blood pressure, boosts feelings of happiness and relieves stress. 

3. The Growth Hormone

Sleeping naked helps regulate the growth hormone. The optimal temperature for this muscle-building, immune-boosting, and tissue-repairing hormone to function is 20-21°C.  A well-functioning growth hormone supports healthy bone density and lowers your risk of diabetes and heart disease. The growth hormone also promotes weightloss and stimulates the anti-aging process.

Wanna be young, skinny and sexy? Well then.