How to Relax the Mind, Body and Soul in 5 Steps. 

In my personal experience and with my clients, I've found that generally people struggle to relax. Struggle to do nothing, to just chill and peace out - how can that be hard? Well it is. Relaxation is as much of a training as working out. In the way we live today with all that's demanded of us, the last thing on our daily to-do list, (if even there) is relaxation. Not sleep, not watching TV and not surfing your phone, but the discipline to really take a breather. Prioritizing relaxation into your day will transform the clarity of your thoughts, allow you to make better choices and rejuvenate not only the mind but also the body. An excellent time to do this is before bed as it improves the quality of your sleep. Take 5-10 mins out and follow these steps. This is no small achievement, to find quiet moments amongst long busy days can become quite a tricky feat! 

Step 1:

Close your eyes. Open the palms of your hands up and allow the legs to relax naturally like an open book. Feel your spine long and your back wide.

Step 2: 

Travel inside your body in search of places you may be holding tension- for many people this is your lower back or chest/shoulders/neck area. It could also be where you have an old injury. Discover new things about your body and signal these areas to release. Again, it sounds easy, it's not. 

Steps 3:

Focus on your breath, how ones takes the natural ebb and flow cycle for granted. When you inhale, fill all the tiny air sacks that haven't been filled in a while and exhale any old residual air that's been hanging around the lungs for too long.

Step 4:

Breath in positive energy and exhale any worries/stresses and thoughts that are bugging you. These negative thoughts are most probably completely unnecessary, as most things are out of our control.

Step 5:

Once you've reached this point there is only one thing to do: let go, enjoy the moment and stay still and relaxed in complete peace and serenity as you float away for a little while.