Healthy Habit #25: Less Sugar, More Vanilla

By now we all know that sugar is lurking in many forms in almost all the food and drink we consume. We all know that we need to cut down on the stuff and that breaking this bad habit is easier said than done. Some studies suggesting sugar is as addictive if not MORE than drugs like cocaine. My struggle with sugar has its ups and downs BUT I'm finding something that is really working for me. Delicious Vanilla! Looking a little further into the health benefits of vanilla and I learnt some pretty awesome things. Vanilla contains the compound, vanillin, a polyphenol that is a powerful antioxidant. Anti-oxidants are good! Their role in our bodies can be pretty powerful. They help the natural detoxification process and can reduce nasty free radicals that promote the development of certain cancers. German researchers have reported that consuming vanilla eases anxiety, boosts libido and supports endocrine health for balanced hormones. Research from St Georges Hosiptal, here in London, found that even just SMELLING the stuff assists with weightloss because it reduces cravings for sweet, sugary snacks. Who knew smelling vanilla was such a healthy habit! I've been loving this healthier delicious sugar-free homemade vanilla syrup for coffee, pancakes, granola, yogurt and everything else. Get some more of the good stuff into your beautiful bod!