Unhealthy Habit #17:


We think we are smart when we turn to 'natural' forms of sugar. Yes, some sugars are considered 'healthier' but remember when low fat was 'healthier'? We are all on a sugar overload, hidden in different forms in almost everything we consume. Unfortunately, this overload is bad news for every part of the body. It damages the liver, interferes with our hormones, contributes to weight gain, and creates an highly acidic environment which leads to disease, brain fog and a dysfunctional immune system. The bottom line? Change your taste buds and quit the vicious cycle. Programme your body to stop craving sugar by not feeding it sugar. Easier said than done. But lets face it, most things worthwhile are. For me, I've weened myself off sugar, finding even fruit too sweet but then a couple weeks later I have to reel myself in. It's a constant battle. See below for a video that will bring you face to face with the nasty truth.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UU3GvRsFHq...