How Connected are you with your body?

I'm passionate about getting people to address how much they ignore their body's signals. We ignore our bodies when we are tired, we ignore our bodies when we are full, we ignore our bodies when we are sick. Something I teach is taking time each day to have a conversation with your body. Build a relationship with it. Become more intuitive. You can do this very simply by closing your eyes and going through the entire body, searching for areas where you feel tight and tense. Many people hold tension in their lower backs, you might have tightness in your chest and neck area. A lot of women hold anxiety in their stomach. Discover where your stress is harbored and everyday consciously release the tension there. Acknowledge pain, exhaustion, hunger and stress and address it. Do not ignore it. It will not go away. It will lead to injury, to adrenal fatigue and chronic disease. This needs to be your number one priority. This is the simplest and most important thing you can do on the road to becoming stronger and healthier. Wellness starts with overcoming yourself, with prioritizing your needs and living more simply. This enables you to do more of the things you love and give more to those around and ultimately become the best version of yourself.