How to Fight the Flu Season 

As the year rolls on... (How is it October already!?) we have some exciting seasons to look forward to. I'm here in the Pacific North West, where the colours of Fall are breathtakingly vibrant wherever you look. However, along with the beautiful colours, October is also notorious for the influenza virus going wide-spread as the season transitions. But as we fear for the worst, pumping the body with medications, shots and pills, we are essentially loading up synthetic chemicals that do little to actually heal the root of the problem. These days, more and more Doctors are turning to prescribing natural methods to boost immunity and promote optimal health. Nature has some pretty powerful, effective and delicious options when it comes to fighting the flu. Plus they are cheap, accessible and probably hanging out in your kitchen right now. Over the next few months as work and life throws demands our way, its even more important that you fill your body with delicious healthy whole foods, keep hydrated and get loads of rest to ensure you dodge the Flu bullet this year. My favourites? We've turned to making a smoothie a day with ingredients like mint, ginger, lemon, berries, pineapple, wheatgrass and spinach.. all I can say is, Good luck got a couple healthy ninja's to take on. For some awesome ideas to help you along, have a peak at these natural and effective remedies.