Healthy Habit #22: Unconfuse Yourself

Things are confusing these days. With easy access to endless information about this diet and that fitness program, coupled with the endless opinions of them, I'm always trying to pear things down to the essence: What is the common trend healthy diets? What exercise regimes feel sustainable? What can I do today that I can do everyday for the rest of my life? That's what a lifestyle is anyway, right?

Extremes tend to evoke chaos. Vicious cycles are not fun. They are counter productive and don't bring anything positive. In fact, extremes are much easier to achieve than balance. Balance is difficult and requires constant observance.
So, when you feel confused and overwhelmed with choice, how about this:
Start really listening to your body, no two bodies are the same so we all need different things. Build awareness of how it responds to what you feed it or how you move it and then honour what it tells you. This is the toughest challenge you could face, but master this and you'll start achieving your health goals without it even feeling like work.

If you want to find out more about how food industries/businesses affect nutritional information made available, read this. It's a little scary.