Healthy Habit #21:

 Live with Less.

In Western society there's an emphasis on everything we don't have. Bombarding advertising plays on our emotions and a 'religion' of celebrity culture is affecting how we consume and therefore how we live. Societal pressure to look, dress and photograph ourselves to validate how cool we are, doesn't help either. In Eastern philosophy, simplifying your every day life not only has favourable effects your health, wealth and happiness, but in Zen culture, the practice of paring down, of owning less, allows one to let creativity and imagination fill what's not there. Look around you. How many things do you actually need? What meaning do you give these things? How much is yearning for this stuff blurring your priorities, draining your resources and getting in the way of you achieving your ultimate potential? Minimalism is on the rise in Japan, check out this awesome short video: