Healthy Habit #18:

 The Truth about Belly Fat 

Just putting it out there. We have all been getting it wrong. Here's 3 common misconceptions about infamous Belly Fat (also known as Visceral fat).

"My BMI is normal. "
GPs these days are much more concerned about your waist-hip ratio, which indicates how much Visceral fat you are carrying. Many health practitioners deem the Body Mass Index (BMI) archaic and misleading because the nature of the calculation skips many factors.

"I'm gonna do crunches for days"
Another common misconception is that if you do a million and one Ab crunches you'll melt fat in that area. The truth is, everyone genetically stores fat differently and (sorry) but you can't decide where that is!  

"But I always eat low fat!"
The latest research shows that when we hold onto fat in the abdominal area, it's a sign the body is panicking. Extra weight here can be traced to hormonal imbalances, stress, dehydration, digestive issues and sleep problems. It's linked to the intake of 'low fat' foods (usually very high in sugar) rather than eating foods high in 'good' fat (Such as the kind found in avocados, nuts and coconut oil) This is going to sound familiar: Get lots of rest, hydrate, steer clear of low fat/processed/sweet foods, exercise your entire bod and you'll naturally be on your way to your most optimal self! For more tips read this: