Healthy Habit #15:

 What the Teff? 

Whether you're on the Gluten-free train or not, these days there are some pretty delicious and nutritious alternatives that are available to us to experiment with in the kitchen. You may have heard of Quinoa from South America, but on the other side of the world, in Ethiopia, an ancient grain called Teff has been central to the Ethiopian diet for thousands of years. Teff is the tiny seed of Eragrostis grass and is a highly nutritious grain: high in protein, calcium, fibre and Vitamin C among other nutrients. In Ethiopia alone, Teff is grown by around 6.3 million farmers and the crop covers more than 20% of the entire country! I tried a loaf baked with Teff flour the other day and it rocked my socks. Read more about other up-and-coming Superfoods below: