Healthy Habit #12: Try coffee alternatives.

I'll admit it, I drink coffee every single day. I go to bed excited for it. As I'm sure you've heard, coffee has wonderful health benefits but there's also a darker side. Coffee contains caffeine which is a powerful stimulant and can have a negative effect on the body. It triggers stress hormones and spikes insulin levels which in turn, causes inflammation. Each morning, the first thing you are feeding your body is a dehydrating, highly acidic, low nutrient-dense 'breakfast', made worse when paired with loads of milk and sugar. This habit can cause irritation of the stomach lining, electrolyte imbalances, sleeping problems and it eventually depletes serotonin (the happy hormone) which can lead to anxiety and diminished brain function. My advice? Stick to one high quality, delicious brew per day, hydrate your body beforehand and keep the milk and sugar to a minimum. Desperate for a second? Try one of these seriously awesome coffee alternatives: