Healthy Habit #11: Exercise Less.

Say What!? Ok so, this is what I see around me: crazy, stressed out Londoners hurling themselves around doing extreme exercise to counter balance a lifestyle of over-drinking, over-eating and over-everything-ing. Unfortunately though, the reality lies even deeper than what I see on the commons. Excessive exercise not only places a huge amount of stress on the body, putting it at a greater risk of injury, but it also wrecks havoc with our hormones. Over-exercising can disturb the sensitive and intricate endocrine system, creating problems like adrenal fatigue, malfunctioning of body cells and it can even cause infertility. The body has a natural gravitation toward homeostasis, a balanced state which efficiently regulates our entire body system so that we function optimally and in short, feel great. Exercise smart, aim for more, push your body, but never, ever ignore it. Read more about the link between exercise and cortisol here: